Love Finds Faith Novel - Martha Rogers


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Homeward Journey, Book 2 Will tragedy make Micah see the beauty and love that is right in front of his eyes? Hannah Dyer, Sallie's younger sister, moves to Texas to help at her brother-in-law's medical practice. Despite her handicap of having one leg much shorter than the other, her nursing skills helped make her father's practice the most successful in the Mississippi area. Hannah becomes smitten at the train station when she meets Micah Gordon, the town prodigal who hopes his father will accept him working the business end of the family ranch and not as a rancher. His good looks and roguish ways make Hannah insecure of her handicap, believing she has no hopes of attracting his attention. But when Micah suffers a tragic loss, Hannah's staunch faith begins Micah on the road to recovery that will bring him new nope, new faith and new love.

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