Facts on the Masonic Lodge

Facts on the Masonic Lodge


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The Facts On Series Delivers Up-To-Date Information Well-Researched Arguments And A Conservative Christian Perspective On Issues That Impact Our World

Beginning with George Washington more than 14 presidents 42 Supreme Court justices numerous members of congress and people such as Mark Twain and Douglas MacArthur have been affiliated with Masonry. But what is Freemasonry? Is it more than just a benevolent fraternity?The Facts on the Masonic Lodge explores Masonry’s teachings and provides concise straightforward answers to questions that include --

- Why is understanding Freemasonry important today?

- What do the Masons teach about Jesus salvation and life after death?
- What do Masonic symbols represent?

- Are Masonry and Christianity compatible?

Researchers John Ankerberg and John Weldon provide well-documented facts and comprehensive comparisons with biblical truths to help you objectively evaluate Masonry and its influence in your life and in the Christian church.

Paperback: 64 Pages

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