The Seven Curses & Blessings (8CD)

The Seven Curses & Blessings (8CD)


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Have you ever played Monopoly?

Your objective is simple: use money to buy land, houses and hotels, in order to get more money and win the game.

Your opponents' objective is equally simple: strip you of all your money, land, houses and hotels so you lose.

In the game of life, God gives us certain resources. We are expected to leverage those to gain more spiritual assets, so that we possess our birthright, and simultaneously do the greatest amount of benefit to the Kingdom of God.

The devil, however, has a simple objective: get all your resources away from you, leaving you powerless and stripped of passion.

The seven curses are primary tools toward this objective. While these manifest as seven different kinds of financial devouring, the real objective is to block you from possessing your birthright and doing damage to his kingdom.

This album looks in detail at the root causes for the open door which allows the devil to devour so much, in so many different ways. The problem is always human behaviour. It may be yours, or in your family line, but when you change your lifestyle you can evict the demonic and experience life without the devouring.

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