Have It All (2CDs)

Have It All (2CDs)


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Redding, California-based Bethel Music returns with Have It All, a soul-strengthening double live worship recording. Drawing from the gifts of their talented team of songwriters, worship leaders, and musicians, this blend of new songs and spontaneous moments includes "There's No Other Name", "Shine On Us", "Heaven Come", "Lion and the Lamb", the title track, and more.

Track List:


  1. Shine On Us - William Matthews
  2. Faithful To The End - Paul & Hannah McClure
  3. Have It All - Brian Johnson & Lindsey Strand
  4. Colors (spontaneous) - Lindsey Strand
  5. Be Enthroned - Jeremy Riddle
  6. Pieces - Steffany Gretzinger
  7. Lion And The Lamb - Leeland Mooring
  8. Thank You - Jonathan David Helser


  1. Praises (Be Lifted Up) - Josh Baldwin
  2. Heaven Come - Jenn Johnson
  3. Sweet Praises (spontaneous) - Jenn Johnson
  4. Son Of God - Cory Asbury
  5. Greatness Of Your Glory - Brian Johnson
  6. Mercy - Amanda Lindsey Cook
  7. Spirit Move - kalley
  8. Glory To Glory - William Matthews

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