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Closer is the breathtaking new live worship recording from Catch The Fire in Toronto. For almost 20 years Catch The Fire (formerly Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship) has been a hub of revival. Led by John & Carol Arnott it has grown to be a thriving family of churches schools and ministries. This album captures the heart and passion of these incredible revivalists and was recorded live at worship services in Toronto. Featuring fresh anointed worship leaders and original songs resonating with the heart and values of Catch The Fire the album is charged with truth and a deep love of God's presence.

Track List:

  1. Who Compares [feat. Jonathan Clarke]
  2. Your Love is Everything [feat. Benjamin Jackson]
  3. Closer [feat. Benjamin Jackson]
  4. Jesus You [feat. Jonathan Clarke]
  5. I Will Love You [feat. Nicole Smith-Pike]
  6. Show Us Your Heart [feat. Jonathan Clarke]
  7. You Burn [feat. Jonathan Clarke]
  8. This Is Your Majesty [feat. Benjamin Jackson]
  9. Emmanuel [feat. Laura Woodley-Osman]
  10. Here on Earth [feat. Jonathan Clarke]
  11. The Way You Move [feat. Benjamin Jackson]


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