Ministering to Babies in the Womb - Arthur Burk


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11 CD Set

There are seven topics in this CD set. They are:

Breaking Generational Curses

Why wait until your child has suffered a lifetime of bondage and wrong choices? It is far easier (and wiser) to do deliverance for your child while he is still in the womb. Learn how to cleanse your child early.

Releasing Generational Blessings

These blessings are drawn from every branch of the family line from as far back as 1000 generations. You can significantly enhance your child's potential in life through accessing what is already legally his or hers.

Nurture in the Womb

Ideally a child will have a spirit that is more developed than his soul. This can be done by starting spiritual nurture in the worm. Here is a grab bag of ideas that any parent can use.

Three Kinds of Blessings

On the last three days of creation God spoke three different blessings. We as parents need to master the three kinds of blessings to use at different periods of our child's life.

Baby Blessings: Joy

The foundation for a healthy spirit is a deep sense of joy. There are 14 blessings for a child's spirit that can be played while he is in the womb or after birth. Many adults find these life giving as well.

Baby Blessings: Peace

Turbulent times will come to most of our children. When the spirit has a deep anchor of peace the soul is less vulnerable to outside pressures.

Baby Blessings: Names of God

There are eleven blessings each of which is drawn from a different name of God and has a different focus. You can build an understanding of the nature of God into a child's spirit before his mind can grasp that theology.


11 CD Set

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